"Director Maddalena McNichols has made a short film in which maternal feelings are stirred up and a young family is put to the test. A young boy is missing and with him, the hope of his parents. The story is told only through music, strong imagery and the movement of the protagonists.

Adolescent, aka 25-year-old Alex Parish, wrote Mutter during a time in which he experienced behavioural changes as result of his anti-epilepsy drugs. "Maddalena and I have worked together for over a year on this project. She carried out a series of interviews with people experiencing similar seizures to my own, and developed a storyline in direct response." He tells i-D. "The concept is discussed in a sympathetic and delicate manner, depicting the sensations of seizing through considered film direction, editing, and art direction, rather than by the characters themselves. The team was incredible and it was a very personal project for all of us. For me, it was something almost therapeutic."
i-D . vice online

Director: Maddalena McNicholas
DOP: Jack Wells