A Darkness

Music Video for Brian Deady

"We immediately see a figure of a woman dressed in black lying amidst the sand and grass. “Is she lost?” “How did she end up here?” “Is she alone?” These are some of the questions that spring to mind. The mysterious red haired woman picks up a shiny engraved cigarette lighter and ignites the flame. She wanders aimlessly around the beach holding the lighter. She looks up, the day is dawning. What soon seizes our attention is the sudden tempo change and the addition of hands clapping in unison giving the song a new underlying feeling of hope. Just as she throws the lighter down in the sand and continues on her way, we are introduced to this second movement. The song takes on a new form, prayerful and soulful, a background choir enters that we can just about make out.

As the woman walks towards the shore, we notice that the tide is out. She runs out but falls, covered in wet sand, she gets back up. She reaches the water and moves forward until it’s up to her shoulders. She tilts her head back, closes her eyes, whatever happened before doesn’t matter, she has found peace."

Director: Glashier
DOP: Jack Wells